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Neurology and psychiatry


The goal of Italfarmaco in this therapeutic area is to keep providing physicians with solutions for still unmet therapeutic requirements for diseases of the Central Nervous System. In this area, the research laboratories of Italfarmaco have demonstrated the ability to be innovative in pharmaceutical technologies aimed to simplify treatment regimens, and to improve tolerability and adherence.

  • Zarelis: (Venlafaxine 37.5, 75, 150 and 225mg tablets) indicated in the treatment of major depressive episodes, prevention of recurrences of major depressive episodes, treatment of social anxiety disorder. The peculiar characteristics of Zarelis are the innovative formulation in osmotic sustained-release tablets and the possibility of administering the dose of 225 mg in a single tablet. This enables the simplification of treatment regimens and the reduction of total number of tables taken by the patient.
  • Zaredrop: (venlafaxine 75mg/ml in oral solution) Zaredrop is the single SNRI in liquid formulation available on the market, providing physicians with another therapeutic tool useful in cases of impossibility (organic or psychological) of taking solid formulations. Thanks to its graduated measuring device, it is also possible to use Zaredrop to obtain intermediate doses.
  • Dropaxin: (paroxetine hydrochloride – oral drops, 10 mg/ml solution) the first paroxetine hydrochloride available in oral drops; indicated in the treatment of major depressive episodes, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic disorders both with and without agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder / social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder. Dropaxin combines the established efficacy of paroxetine with the flexible dosage schedules offered by the formulation in oral drops, particularly important at the start and end of therapy. Betadex technology, an Italfarmaco patent, also increases the stability of gastric acids and improves the absorption and bioavailability of this drug.
  • Sonirem: (Zolpidem tartrate oral drops, 10 mg/ml solution) indicated in patients with insomnia. Sonirem minimizes addiction, tolerance and rebound insomnia, common side effects of Benzodiazepines often used in sleep disorders. This characteristic, very peculiar, has paved the way to the ‘selective’ hypnotic drug, assuring the sleep quality and protecting the conscious participation in diurnal activities. Sonirem for the first time enables to use a Z-drug (as these compounds are commonly called) in liquid oral formulation, drops, thus improving treatment adherence and therapeutic efficacy.
  • Gliatilin: (Choline alfoscerate 400 mg capsules 1,000 mg/4ml solution for injection) cholinergic psychostimulant agent, activating the central nervous system of older patients, acts on cognitive and mnesic functions, as well as on the affective and behavioral areas impaired by involutional brain diseases. Unlike the other nootropic agents, Gliatilin acts by a dual mechanism, assuring a high amount of choline in brain and providing glycerophosphate to restore the phospholipid neuronal membranes.

Rare diseases

Italfarmaco holds the international patent and the exclusivity of the first formulation of riluzole as oral suspension (TEGLUTIK), the single drug specifically indicated for the treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (SLA), a severely disabling disease. The new formulation, resulting from the expertise of Italfarmaco in pharmaceutical technique, is especially useful in patients with swallowing disorders (disphagic disorders) or under enteral feeding, in which patient treatment adherence is often impaired by the worsening of the disease.