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Thrombosis and critical ischemia


Venous thromboembolism (VTE) represents a major clinical and social problem. In the general population it is estimated that the yearly incidence of Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) is of 69 cases out of 100,000 subjects. This incidence increases significantly in the population with cancer (1390 cases out of 100,000 subjects); in patients with cancer, DVT is the second cause of death. The activity of Italfarmaco in the prophylaxis and treatment of Venous Thromboembolism is now consolidated by a long experience started with Calciparine, unfractioned heparin (UFH), and has its natural evolution in Nadroparin Calcium, a low molecular weight heparin (LMWH), more manageable and safe compared with NFH.

Nadroparin Calcium is marketed by Italfarmaco with two medicinal products:

  • Seleparina and Fraxiparina for the prophylaxis and treatment of DVT. Therapeutic Indications:
    • Prophylaxis of deep venous thrombosis in general and orthopedic surgery.
    • Treatment of deep venous thrombosis – Prevention of coagulation and during hemodialysis.
    • Treatment of unstable angina and non-Q myocardial infarction.
  • Seledie and Fraxodi single administration formulation with ready to use ampoule-syringe. Therapeutic Indications:
    • Treatment of deep venous thrombosis.


  • Endoprost: Iloprost is a synthetic prostacyclin analogue.

Iloprost is indicated for use in:

  • Treatment of advanced thromboangiitis obliterans (Bürger’s Disease) with critical ischemia of the extremities when revascularization is not indicated.
  • Treatment of Raynaud’s phenomenon following scleroderma.
  • Treatment of severe chronic arterial ischemia of the lower extremities, in patients with risk of amputation and when surgery and angioplasty are not indicated.
  • Fripass: Cilostazolo is a phosphodiesterase (PDE) III inhibitor with antiplatelet activity.
  • Fripass is indicated to increase the painless long distance walking and to improve the maximum walking distance in patients with claudicatio intermittens, painless at rest and without necrosis of the peripheral tissues (peripheral artery disease – Fontaine class II).
  • Fripass is indicated as a second-line treatment, in patients who, notwithstanding lifestyle changes (including abstention from smoking and physical exercise programs [with supervisor]) and other appropriate actions have not sufficiently improved the symptoms of claudicatio intermittens.
  • Fripass has the better global evidence of benefit in the treatment of patient with claudication.

The recommended dose of Fripass is of 100 mg twice daily. Fripass should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast and supper.
It is also available at the dose of 50 mg.