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The commitment of Italfarmaco in the gynecological therapeutic area is aimed at the development of innovative and complete solutions studied for the different steps of a woman’s life, in relation to:

  • Anemia
  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Gynecological infection and inflammation area

Anemia represents an area of wide research involvement for Italfarmaco, with the success of iron protein succinylate (FPS), the drug (Ferplex) manufactured by the company providing patients with the best iron absorption necessary for the treatment of anemia. FPS is indicated in all iron deficiencies: latent or overt sideropenic anemia, anemia of childhood and adulthood, anemia due to iron deficient intake or absorption, anemia following acute or chronic bleeding or infectious disease; pregnancy; breast-feeding.
The combined version with folic acido (FerplexFol) extends the indication also to the prevention and treatment of iron and folate deficiencies: hypochromic and normochromic anemia, some macrocytic or megaloblastic anemias, due to insufficient iron intake or absorption and poor folate intake or synthesis; anemias of pregnancy, post-partum and lactation.

The range of products containing Inositol (Inofert, Inofert Combi, Inofert Plus) is designed to offer differentiated solutions to women with infertility or trying to get pregnant. In these clinical situations, Inositol contributes to improve the quality of oocytes and other different fertility parameters. In the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a disease associated with infertility whose frequency is significantly increasing, and many and ever increasing clinical data demonstrate the benefit of inositol in the control of the symptoms (www.inofert.it).

The solutions for pregnancy include products for the prevention of neural tube defects in the baby (400 mcg Folic Acid, dose recommended by the guidelines and by the Italian Ministry of Health; www.folindex.it) and a wide range of multivitamins studied for pregnancy (Natalben Supra e Natalben Oro) (www.natalben.it) and lactation (Natalben insieme) (www.natalbeninsieme.it). In iron deficiencies ferriprotinate-based preparations have been developed (especially FerplexFol), in a formulation ensuring intestinal absorption with a very good tolerability profile.

The range of supplements for pregnancy is completed by a Ginger and Vitamin-B6 based product in chewable tablets (Zenaus) useful in different disorders of gastrointestinal motility such as, most of all, nausea during pregnancy and, thanks to the mode of action of the ingredients, also effective in all types of mild and moderate digestive function changes.

An innovation in the pregnancy segment is the recent commercialization of Nuperal, fixed combination of doxilamine succinate and pyridoxine hydrochloride, for the symptomatic treatment of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

The research group of Italfarmaco has also developed and patented, for the Gynecologycal Therapeutic area, the first and single gel with very low (0.005%) content of Estriol (Gelistrol) for the treatment of vaginal atrophia in menopause; the typical composition of this gel (Carbopol+Policarbophil) allows to lead the active ingredient properly and assures the degree of hydration required by the tissues.

The category of products for the treatment of the most common gynecological infections and inflammations includes an antimycotics (Triasporin) effective in the treatment of different mycotic infections not only of the female genital system.

Lastly, AINARA (EC medical device), a recently marketed product, presents with all the ideal characteristics of a vaginal hydrating gel: aqueous, transparent, without vaseline and mineral oils ,with a slightly acidic pH, without scents and most of all with an excellent ability of distribution and permanence on the vaginal mucous membrane; peculiar and distinguished, the efficacy on the symptoms has been clinically tested and its “level of acceptability” has been validated and rated as Good/Excellent by 85% of women included in the study.

The food supplements for the health of women in menopause, Flavia, Flavia Night and Flavia Luna (www.flaviamenopausa.it), enrich Italfarmaco portfolio of products. Flavia, made from Soy Isoflavones that helps reducing intensity and frequency of hot flashes, is the new innovative formulation for an integral approach to the state of deficiency in menopause. Flavia contains calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K that contribute to bone health and B vitamins and alpha-linolenic acid, which helps to control cholesterol levels.

Flavia Luna is the new innovative formulation that helps to meet the nutritional needs of women in menopause and allows an integral approach to the deficiency states during this stage. With hops and melatonin (1 mg) promotes the onset of sleep and reduces fatigue in menopause and thanks to Calcium and Vitamin D (20 mcg) contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

The Gynecological Therapeutic Area has always been acknowledged for its innovative product and effective solutions offered, and offers a constant support to clinical research aimed at documenting the value of treatment strategies in improving patient health and quality of life.