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Cardiovascular, osteoporosis and inflammation


Italfarmaco is engaged in the treatment of hypertension with different innovative treatment options in accordance with the latest regulations of the “Linee Guida delle Società Mediche” (Guidelines of Medical Societies).

  • Vasexten (barnidipina) third-generation dihydropyridine calcium channel antagonist holds high efficacy standards, improving the tolerability profile, minimizing the typical side effects of this class (peripheral edemas and reflex tachycardia) thanks to its lipophilic structure and formulation in modified-release capsules (unique for its class). Vasexten allows optimal control of the hypertensive patient both as single-agent therapy and in combination with other antihypertensive drugs. On Vasexten Italfarmaco has obtained different and original experimental data about blood pressure control, organ protection in collaboration with head physicians and primary Italian Specialist Centers.
  • Coripren is the pre-established combination of Enalapril and Lercanidipine. Coripren uses the synergy between ace-inhibitor and calcium channel antagonist in accordance with the most recent European Guidelines. Besides the superior blood pressure control provided in terms of responders rate, the reduced number of tablets obtained with the combination is a pivotal factor to achieve full treatment adherence, thus maintaining the therapeutic goal.
  • Dedralen (doxazosina) is an alpha-blocker antihypertensive drug well-established medication in combined treatments requiring an alpha-blocking activity with positive effects, also from the metabolic standpoint.


Osteoporosis is a disease affecting over 4 million and a half Italians, with a particular involvement of the older population. It is a silent and scarcely symptomatic disease, shortly resulting in severe and disabling effects. All patients need treatment with calcium and Vitamin D: it is often very difficult to reach recommended levels only by diet and sun exposure. Italfarmaco, thanks to its research and development activities, has produced over the years a complete range of medicinal products with formulations and dosing required in customized treatments and also improved in terms of efficacy, adherence and safety.

  • NatecalD3 (calcium carbonate and Vitamin D3) in chewable and orodispersible tablets containing 600 mg of calcium and 400 IU of Vitamin D, provides the necessary intake, thanks to its optimal palatability, for patients with reduced dietary calcium.
  • Natemille in orodispersible tablets with 600 mg and 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3, provides the daily intake of Vitamin D recommended by the major guidelines and the amount of calcium sufficient for patients already taking a certain amount of dietary calcium.
  • Xarenel provides Vitamin D, when required, in the prevention and treatment of deficiencies. Different formulations, flexible dosing options and a good tolerability profile enable to provide a different treatment option, designed according to the single patient requirements. There are increasing scientific evidence and publications supporting benefit treatments resulting from maintaining optimal vitamin D levels both in patients with bone metabolis disorders and patients with major cardiovascular, neurologic and immune diseases.

Pain and inflammation

Patients with inflammatory processes, in most cases associated with acute and chronic pain, require quick and well tolerated resolutions of their symptoms.

In this therapeutic area Italfarmaco proposes two molecules whose efficacy has been well established, Nimesulide and Ketoprofene, for which technologically advanced formulations have been studied which are capable of meeting the different therapeutic needs (acute and chronic treatments ), by modulating the absorption of the active ingredient (fast action and/or long-acting effect) and improving the tolerability profile.

  • Flexen (ketoprofene 50 mg capsules; sustained-release 200 mg capsules; 5% gel 50 g tube; 100 mg suppositories; IV 100 mg solution for injections; 100 mg i.m solution for injections) a complete range of formulations for a targeted choice in inflammatory and painful, acute and chronic conditions of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Nimedex (nimesulide in ß-cyclodextrin granules of 400 mg for oral suspension) combines the treatment benefits of the active ingredient nimesulide with the pharmacokinetic advantages of ß-cyclodextrin. The innovative formulation of Nimedex facilitates its solubilization, anticipates the absorption of the active ingredient and provides a quicker analgesic effect compared with the other Nimesulide-based preparations. In addition, thanks to a shorter topic permanence of the active ingredient in the gastro-intestinal lumen, Nimedex provides a better local tolerability profile.