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The regulations concerning the advertising of medicinal products for human use (Decree of the Ministry of Health n°219 of April 24, 2006) establish that the information related to medicinal products subject to medical prescription, are restricted to persons authorized to prescribe and/or dispense drugs.

For further information about our drugs we invite you to consult your Doctor or pharmacist.

Cardiovascular, osteoporosis and inflammation
ProductActive ingredientTherapeutic class

CalciparinaHeparin calciumAntithrombotics

CoriprenEnalapril maleate, lercanidipine hydrocholorideACE-inhibitors and calcium channel antagonists

DedralenIloprost trometamolAntihypertensive drugs

EndoprostIloprostPeripheral vasodilators

FlexenKetoprofeneAntinflammatory drugs

FolifillFolic acidBlood and hematopoietic organs

FraxiparinaNadroparin calciumAntithrombotics

FraxodiNadroparin calciumAntithrombotics


Natecal D3Calcium carbonate and Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)Vitamin products

NimedexNimesulide, BetacyclodextrinAntinflammatory drugs

SeledieNadroparin calciumAntithrombotics

SeleparinaNadroparin calciumAntithrombotics

VasextenBarnidipine hydrochlorideAntihypertensive drugs

XarenelChlecalciferolVitamin products

XarexenChlecalciferolVitamin products